Working with our sub contractors in our community

OEH Group has a fantastic reputation with both sub-contractors and our client. We wanted to surpass this and find a superior way of working together. Our reputation is based on our working relationship with them. 

We wanted to identify that areas that worked well and the areas that had any issues previously, if order to do this, we contacted all of the sub-contractors we have and are currently working with and listened to what they had to say.

Having received positive feedback, we wanted to start to move forward into partnerships with these companies, rather than the standard employer to employee type relationship.

aWe wanted to ensure that a high workload wasn’t compromising the quality of work produced, with an active level of communication, this was achieved seamlessly. 

Having set this up, we now have many partners from all major trades within our industry and we actively invite them in for meetings to discuss new products at the earliest stage possible.

By doing this we can access how quickly the desired work from the client can be achieved and it also means we often save the client both time and money. A partnership where everyone wins.

Although we already have active partnerships with major trade, we would still love to hear from other sub-contractors.

Having moved through the Covid-19 pandemic together, each company involved played an active part with site safety and keeping everyone socially distanced. 

Companies such as – Custom Builds ensured work on our sites would continue at not only a smooth pace but a safe one. 

Partnerships with our companies helped us during the pandemic and we believe that moving forward, we will produce far better results now these measures have been set in place.