What We Do

Our family-run building contractors have been in the trade for over 20 years, refurbishing high-end properties across the Midlands, home counties, and London.

We offer a 10-year guarantee on our building projects through our partner global home warranties and we have won many awards for our projects over the years, whether it be, refurbishments or new builds.

Providing you with a dedicated Project manager we will manage the entire project from start to completion including design and planning applications, or we can serve as building contractors working with your chosen architect.


Ensuring Positive Community Change with Community Led Refurbishments

S&R refurbishments are guided by the requirements of the community. We upgrade the quality of lives with the refurbishment of buildings and living spaces.

For the past 20 years, we have been putting people first. Our company values ensure we always remember how necessary it is to stay within the budget, ensure minimal disruption and of course, deliver the project on time. S&R’s refurbishment sector accomplishes all of the above by thorough planning and scheduling of projects. From the start of the project, in depth planning shows preliminary preconstruction and construction activities, alongside timescales and sequencing. Following this set up, it enables S&R to know what we need to do and what time scale it needs to be achieved within. With our documented plan of mitigation, we prepare every project for any outcome that may arise. The in-depth detailed planning running alongside clear and concise communication allows S&R to prepare residents in advance and continue on to deliver high-quality, sustainable homes.

Quality & Standards

All of our refurbishment projects are designed to create more comfortable living. S&R always demand standards of the highest calibre for each and every project. We want our clients to be proud of the home that they live in and through out extensive knowledge and services, we achieve this. Our strict standards follow through to our Quality Management Programme, pulling our experience of delivering to the BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment criteria.

Taking Residents Needs into Consideration

At S&R we always focus on understanding the needs of residents and ensuring any disruption associated with the refurbishment is kept to an absolute minimum. Our team at S&R will continue to engage with residents to recognize their needs and accredit them with choices. Our team at S&R manage project expectations through the best possible communication and a warm, compassionate approach.

Health & Safety

A sizeable proportion of all refurbishment work takes place with residents in occupation. The refurbishment work directly impacts quality of life, lifestyles and our client’s homes. Health and Safety is always our highest concern and we ensure that our refurbishments team always take every possible hazard into consideration, from start to finish. We have a clear blueprint laid out to ensure the safely of residents at all stages of the project.


With many years of experience within the construction sector, we have created a vast portfolio of delivering high-quality, customer-focused services to public and private sector clients.  S&R’s management expertise has allowed us to develop a robust portfolio across principle market sectors including commercial and residential.  

S&R’s company focus has resulted in an extensive understanding of the sectors marketplace, home to our valued customers, and strong links through our supply chain. Fusing our people and an integrated approach with your team will assure delivery in-line with our admirable reputation and track record for on-time delivery, cost certainty, high quality, and innovation.  

 We are more than happy to assist with the early stages of projects to give advice regarding budget costing, design, and valued orchestrated solutions. 



We will attentively listen to your needs and desires and view the property with this in the back of mind always.


We will consider all aspects from your budget to your home’s limitations and start finding solutions to ensure we can create your ideal home.


Our specialist design and build team have a common purpose, coupled with an open innovative culture with benefits far beyond traditional procurement.


We take pride in our ability to successfully deliver construction projects on time, within budget and to the satisfaction of our clients and key stakeholders.